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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Road Trip Wisdom 2015

It's been almost 14 years since I took a vacation longer than 3 days.

On July 2nd Zack, Atticus and myself hit the road to Encinitas, California.
I had asked a friend if we could crash at his place with only an expectation that we would have a floor to sleep on.
We rolled in around rush hour and found ourselves pulling up to a 2 bedroom house all to ourselves and only a couple blocks from the beach...
Atticus had no memory of being in the ocean so my heart was full of happiness to be sharing this amazing world with him.
We ran into the waves and I remembered how much I love the immense hug that the ocean gives you as the sand sways beneath your feet.
It felt good to be in water, to feel small and to feel nothing but delight.
The rest of our adventure took us up the California Coast starting at The San Diego Zoo then L.A. and The Santa Monica Pier and then up to Sausalito, San Francisco, The Redwoods, Sonoma, Gold Beach, Eugene, The Oregon Country Fair, Portland and Mt. St. Helen's.
I spent a lot of time in the car, looking out the window, looking at the ocean, looking at trees and just observing different people and the way towns and communities change depending on the environment and economy.
I had a lot of time to rest, to observe the world and observe myself...and I came to a few conclusions:

I love being quiet. I like not having to talk or being concrete with my words all the time.
If it has a tiger on it, I'm likely to wear it for days so a 2nd suitcase is unnecessary. 
Always pack cold sore medication. Always. 
Drink more water. 
Drink less alcohol.
Remember to breathe when we hit heavy traffic and leave Zack alone to be in his world when he is driving.
Listen to my external voice when I speak to people. Sometimes it sounds a lot like my Mom.
Continue to observe my internal voice and question it if it sounds too familiar. It may be only a habitual story that I'm clinging to because I'm in a different place.
Don't worry if I think someone is judging me or my kid. I love kids and I love being a parent. I'm not always great at it, pretty messy actually but I found myself feeling insecure around my parent less friends and felt like I needed to make excuses for my choice to become a mother and how I disciplined Atticus but after 2 weeks on the road with a feisty 6 year old. I can say that I love that freak show and I'm a good mother. 
I want to live in a cabin in the woods near the ocean.
I do not like crowds and no matter how much the air is filled marijuana I don't relax in them.
I am in love with Zack.
I ate enough meat at one BBQ to feel guilty for the rest of my life and am going back to being meatless. It was a fun 2 year experiment but I think I'm done.
I can maintain my yoga and meditation practice on the road. I live it. It's cohesive.
I miss trail running.
I will always feel a draw to Mt. St. Helen's and couldn't hide my tears from my son as we stood in front of it. 
Spending more time in one place is the one change I will make next time. I missed connecting with several people I adore due to time constraints.
My Ex-husband and I can finally be social together and that's a great thing.
I am getting older but also wiser. I think I will be a beautiful woman as I age.
I may be addicted to coffee but I still can't drink fully caffeinated cups so...slow down.
No matter how long it's friends are loyal and generous.

I need to relax more.
Visit more.
I also need to do all of the above at home more but the next 2 week vacation will come much sooner. 
It's needed.

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