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Friday, December 9, 2016


It's been a few moons since I blogged it out to the world.
Since teacher, my friend and extra father figure, Tom Beall passed away.
It still seems unreal.
I keep going to places that I used to run into him at and think we will catch up but he is gone.
He is gone and I still have a hard time really accepting it.

Despite the loss of Tom...I've reconnected with several friends from my past who have always been in my heart and that feels good.
I am glad.
Jenni, Matthew and Carmel...
We get each others shit. 
Sometimes that is all a person needs because I grew up in a small desert town near the border and many of us experienced a lot of death.
It was poisoned by mines, economic and social oppression and The 80s.
The arrogant 80s.

They began with high hopes.
I was taken to D.C. to attend the inauguration of Ronald Reagan because my mother believed he would save us from the threat of Communism and he did.
I guess.
The wall?
 It came down.

We have a soon to be in charge guy who praises Reagan but wants to build walls.
He wants to demonize our immigrants and he wants to fan the flames of paranoia by shitting on Muslims, Jews and anyone who isn't sending him money.

If he was darker? 
He would probably be considered a fascist.
My brain is tired. 

I just want my kid to be able to help someone live better.
He loves everyone and he wants to make the world better.

Captain Trumperica....
Please...listen to the kids.

Don't be a choade.