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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Letter to my son

Tonight you hugged me like you always do.
You told me you loved me and kissed my face.
I told you my body hurt and so as we got out of the car you offered to carry the groceries from the car for me.
Your little body, your mind and your heart is full of such amazing strength.
You love your friends and speak of them all as if they are the most amazing people you have ever met because they are.

We came home and you promptly went to your room and spent an hour working on a Lego car with serious conviction and I love you for it.
I have never known such love and am grateful, oh so grateful that my heart was broken open to the beauty of life after so many years of closed off insecurity, always being skeptical of kindness but because of you I see true unconditional love is not is all around me all the time.

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